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Our Partnership

The work I do with clients is:


I focus on my clients’ strengths. I help people identify their sometimes hidden strengths and resources and learn to better use them to address their concerns.


I help people make positive changes by assisting them in constructing practical solutions.


I take the time to help my clients create effective roadmaps for change. I encourage the celebration of “small,” though meaningful, achievements to create momentum for even greater growth.


I keep very much in mind that most of those I work with have been deeply affected by multiple experiences of trauma, both in childhood and later in life. I respond to these emotional wounds with compassion and without judgment. I seek to understand people’s stories and to help them foster healing.

Culturally Competent:

I work to relate effectively to individuals from a variety of cultural backgrounds and respond to the unique needs of members of minority populations. I strive to be culturally sensitive and provide culturally appropriate therapy.


I consider the client/family to be the “owner” of their care plan. I acknowledge that clients and family members are the true experts about their lives and that they will teach me what they need if I listen well, with respect and without judgment. I invite clients to remain active participants in all aspects of their care.

I offer three types of therapy. Click below to explore which type best fits your goals at this time: