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Individual Therapy

Robyn Strelitz - Individual therapyWe are the authors of our lives, which can be both empowering and frightening. Life is complex and unpredictable—it inevitably presents challenges, but constantly offers chances to grow and learn. We always have choices in life, and therapy is an opportunity to become more intentional and thoughtful in the choices that we make. With thought and intention, our choices can better reflect our values and goals, and we can be more effective in shaping our lives.

We can work together to:

  • Help you define yourself and your values.
  • Explore the stories of your life and generate new meanings from them.
  • Identify conflicts and anxieties and help you develop strategies to resolve them.
  • Use your strengths to help navigate your problems.
  • Cope with difficult life challenges, such as trauma, grief, and transition.