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Anxiety: Worried About Your Worries?

Anxious? You’re in Good Company I don’t know anybody who has not faced anxiety. Odds are you have suffered from anxiety, someone in your family has anxiety, and your friends struggle with it as well.  The truth is we all feel anxious during the day and at different times in our lives.  Sometimes it is… Read More


We all talk about change. I talk about it, you talk about it, businesses try to sell it, politicians promise it, and David Bowie sang about it. Life is a process, and as it unfolds, we all seek change at one point or another.  Sometimes we need to make changes to save our lives, or… Read More

Until Next Time, Zombies, Blame & Shame

We keep exploring, not for the right answers...

I’ve been thinking about zombies. It seems like they are more popular than ever nowadays. Zombie TV shows. Zombie movies. Zombie apocalypses. Unfortunately, we tend to spend much of our time like zombies, mindlessly going through the motions of our daily lives, staring at our phones, and finding a million ways to distract ourselves. How… Read More



WE OFTEN DON’T ALLOW OURSELVES THE SPACE TO GRIEVE. When we experience a loss, we might encounter internal or external voices that press us to “move on” or “put it behind you.” However, the grieving process is not about achieving closure from our past — it’s about forming an ongoing relationship with it that helps… Read More